Alrek Agnasson

M, b. circa 445
     He married (?) Dagreid Dagsson. Alrek was born circa 445 at Sweden. He was the son of Agni Dagsson and Skjaf Frostasson.

Child of Alrek Agnasson and (?) Dagreid Dagsson

(?) Dagreid Dagsson

     (?) Dagreid Dagsson was the daughter of (?) Dag. She married Alrek Agnasson.

Child of (?) Dagreid Dagsson and Alrek Agnasson

(?) Yngvi Alreksson

M, b. circa 466
     (?) was born circa 466 at Sweden. He was the son of Alrek Agnasson and (?) Dagreid Dagsson.

Child of (?) Yngvi Alreksson

Jorund Yngvasson

M, b. circa 487
     Jorund was born circa 487 at Sweden. He was the son of (?) Yngvi Alreksson.

Child of Jorund Yngvasson

Aun Jorundsson

M, b. circa 509
     Aun was born circa 509 at Sweden. He was the son of Jorund Yngvasson.

Child of Aun Jorundsson

Egil Aunsson

M, b. circa 539
     Egil was born circa 539 at Sweden. He was the son of Aun Jorundsson.

Child of Egil Aunsson

Ottar Egilsson

M, b. circa 551
     Ottar was born circa 551 at Sweden. He was the son of Egil Aunsson.

Child of Ottar Egilsson

Adils Ottarsson

M, b. circa 572
     He married (?) Yrsa Helgasson. Adils was born circa 572 at Sweden. He was the son of Ottar Egilsson.

Child of Adils Ottarsson and (?) Yrsa Helgasson

(?) Yrsa Helgasson

     She married Adils Ottarsson.

Child of (?) Yrsa Helgasson and Adils Ottarsson

Eystein Adilsson

M, b. circa 594
     was born circa 594 at Sweden. He was the son of Adils Ottarsson and (?) Yrsa Helgasson.

Child of Eystein Adilsson

Ingvar Eysteinson

M, b. circa 616
     Ingvar was born circa 616 at Sweden. He was the son of Eystein Adilsson.

Child of Ingvar Eysteinson

(?) Braut-onund Ingvarsson

M, b. circa 636
     (?) was born circa 636 at Sweden. He was the son of Ingvar Eysteinson.

Child of (?) Braut-onund Ingvarsson

Ingjald Braut-onundson

M, b. circa 660
      "ill-ruler," King of Uppsala in Sweden; the last Fray-born pagan sacrol "peace King" with human sacrifice in his own family.

He married Gauthild. Ingjald was born circa 660 at Sweden. He was the son of (?) Braut-onund Ingvarsson.

Child of Ingjald Braut-onundson and Gauthild


     Gauthild was the daughter of (?) Algout Gautreksson. She married Ingjald Braut-onundson.

Child of Gauthild and Ingjald Braut-onundson

(?) Algout Gautreksson


Child of (?) Algout Gautreksson

Olaf Ingjaldsson

M, d. circa 710
     Olaf Ingjaldsson was the son of Ingjald Braut-onundson and Gauthild.
      "Trekalia" (tree-hewer); King of Vermaland in Sweden; sacrificed his own people in time of famine; the last Yngling ruler of Uppsala; settled in West Sweden.

He married Solveig Halfdannson. Olaf died circa 710 at West Sweden.

Child of Olaf Ingjaldsson and Solveig Halfdannson

Solveig Halfdannson

F, b. circa 684
     She married Olaf Ingjaldsson. Solveig was born circa 684. She was the daughter of Halfdan 'Guldand'.

Child of Solveig Halfdannson and Olaf Ingjaldsson

Halfdan 'Guldand'

     was born at Sweden.

(gold tooth.)"

Child of Halfdan 'Guldand'

Halfdan Olafsson

     Halfdan Olafsson was the son of Olaf Ingjaldsson and Solveig Halfdannson.
      "Huitbein" (white leg), King of the Uplanders of Sweden, King of Salver and Vestfold; conquered Roumarike; founded the pagan temple at Skiringssal, 8th century.

He married Asa Eysteinsson.

Child of Halfdan Olafsson and Asa Eysteinsson

Asa Eysteinsson

     Asa Eysteinsson was the daughter of Eystein 'Hardrade' and Solveig Halfdansson. She married Halfdan Olafsson.

Child of Asa Eysteinsson and Halfdan Olafsson

Eystein 'Hardrade'


(the severe), King of the Uplands.

He married Solveig Halfdansson.

Child of Eystein 'Hardrade' and Solveig Halfdansson

Solveig Halfdansson

     She married Eystein 'Hardrade'.

Child of Solveig Halfdansson and Eystein 'Hardrade'

Gudrod Halfdansson

M, b. circa 738, d. 810
      "Mikillati" (the Magnificent), King of Vestfold and Roumarike; ruled in Norway and in Denmark; probably the "Godrey the Proud" (and so identified by Moncreiffe) of the Franks who opposed the Emperor Charlemagne. Killed 810.

He married Asa. He married (?) Alfhilda. was born circa 738 at Vestfold, Norway. He was the son of Halfdan Olafsson and Asa Eysteinsson. died in 810.

Child of Gudrod Halfdansson and Asa


     Asa was the daughter of (?) Harold. She married Gudrod Halfdansson.

Child of Asa and Gudrod Halfdansson

Olaf II Gudrodsson

M, b. circa 770, d. 840
     Olaf was born circa 770 at Norway. He was the son of Gudrod Halfdansson and Asa. Olaf died in 840.

Child of Olaf II Gudrodsson

Herbastus de Crepon

     Herbastus died. Forester of Arques.

Child of Herbastus de Crepon

Rognvald Olafsson

M, b. circa 790, d. circa 850
     Rognvald was born circa 790 at Jutland, Norway. He was the son of Olaf II Gudrodsson. Rognvald died circa 850.

Child of Rognvald Olafsson

Aseda Rognvaldsson

F, b. circa 812
     The ancestry of Aseda Rognvaldsson is based on Ancient Mythology and is not based on any proof that I have been able to find.

Aseda died. She married Eystein Ivarsson. Aseda was born circa 812 at Maer, Norway. She was the daughter of Rognvald Olafsson.

Children of Aseda Rognvaldsson and Eystein Ivarsson

Eystein Ivarsson

M, b. circa 830
     He married Aseda Rognvaldsson.

Jarl of the Upplands.

was born circa 830.1 He was the son of Ivar.

Children of Eystein Ivarsson and Aseda Rognvaldsson


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