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    Funeral Wednesday for Long Time Resident of

    Private funeral services for Mrs. Harriet Miller, 79, who died yesterday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. T.H. Ashley, 94 Greenbush Street, will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 at the Ashley home, Rev. Samuel G. Houghton officating.

    Mrs. Miller came to Homer with her parents, Ransalaer and Caroline Mills, soon after the Civil War, of which her father was a veteran. She was born in Michigan, September 15, 1863

    A resident of Cortland for over 50 years, Mrs. Miller was very prominent in church affairs. She taught a Sundayschool class at the First Methodist Church for 25 years, as was the first signer to the Women's Society for Christian Service. Her Husband, Henry Miller dided in Cortland 11 years ago.

    Surviving are a son, Carrol H. Miller of Binghamton; two daughters, Mrs. A.F.Russell of Tuckahoe, and Mrs. T.H. Ashley of Cortland; several grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

    Friends may call at the late home this evening, and burial will be in the Glenwood Cemetery, Homer.

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