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    T.H. Ashley Jr.WED IN MAYVILLE
    August 2, 1947
    Miss Mary Elizabeth Johns is Bride of
    Cortland Man

    Miss Mary Elizabeth Johns daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leigh H. Johns of Mayville, N.Y. and Floral Park L.I. became the bride of Tracy Hollis Ashley Jr. son of Mrs. Tracy Ashley of Cortland, Saturday at high noon at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Mayville. Rev. Robert Spears performed the ceremony and Mrs. Forest Miller, organist, gave a half-hour recital before the ceremony.
    The bride, given in marriage by her father, wore a white faille suit with white accessories and a corsage of white roses and lubrum lilies. She wore a gold cross and chain, the gift of the bridegroom, to complete here bridle ensemble.
    Mrs Mary [illegible].....Nichols of Hillsdale.... they wore faille suit of dusty pink with .......
    The brides mother chose a navy blue crepe with a corsage of white rosebuds while the bridegroom's mother selected a black and white print jacket suit, and wore a corsage of white rosebuds.
    Glyndon H. Crocker Jr. of Homer, brother-in -law of the bridegroom, acted as best man. Ushers included Harold L. Johns, brother of the bride, and Bernard O'Neil of Cortland.
    A luncheon , attended by the immediate family and close friends, was served at the Peacock Inn following the ceremony.
    Following a motor trip through Canada the couple will reside at 94 Greenbush Street, Cortland, after August 20.
    The bride, a registered nurse and graduate of St. John's Hospital School of Nursing in Brooklyn, has been studying public health at Syracuse University for the past Year.
    The bridegroom, a graduate of Cortland State Teachers with the degree of bachelor of education served in the United States Army. He was a meteorologist with the Ninth Air Force and with the field artillery in the European Theater of War for three years. Mr. Ashley in engaged in business in Cortland.
    Guests from Cortland who attended the wedding were the bridegrooms mother, Mrs. Tracy Ashley, Mr. and Mrs. Glyndon Crocker jr., bother-in-law and sister of the bridegroom and son "Corky"; Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Russel uncle and aunt of the bridegroom. Miss Mary Russel and Bernard O'Neil.
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    Alonzo Hollis of Lisle, was born August 19, 1826, in Sherburne, Chenango county, New York. His father, Abram Hollis, was a native of Chenango county and married Ada Goodrich.

    From early infancy to the time he became 16 years of age, Alonzo lived with Col. Dennison York of DeRuyter, Madison county, where he served an apprenticeship with G.W. Knowlton.

    In the year 1845, he lived in Binghamton, New York where he plied his trade as a shoemaker.

    During two years of that time, he was gate keeper at Ross Park Zoo. Afterwards, he lived in Steuben, New York/ Elkland, Pennsylvania, Woodhull, Greene, Triangle, Whitney's Point and Lisle.

    He married Miss Luch Sweetland, daughter of Luman Sweetland of Barker in 1851, by the late Rev. Peter Lockwood. They have two sons and 1 daughter., Lisle Gleaner, Lisle, New York (4 March 1885),.
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