As early as the year 1602, several religious people residing near the joining borders of Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, and Yorkshire, together with their pious minsters, being grievously oppressed by courts and cannons, resolved to shake off the yoke of antichristian bondage, and as the Lord's free people, to form themselves by covenant into a church-state, to walk in all his ways according to their best knowledge and endavors, cost them whatever it might.
     in the year 1606, by reason of the distance of their habitations, these people were obliged to assemble in two places and become two distinct churches; over one of which Mr. John Smith was established pastor, and among the others were Mr. Richard Clifton and Mr. John Robinson, two very excellent and worhty preachers.


     Mayflower of London, two hundred tons, Christopher Jones, Master. Left Southampton August 5, 1620, and arrived at Cape Cod December 11, with one hundred and one passengers. The ship was detained at Dartmouth and Plymouth, England, abouth two weeks fro repairs to her consort, the Speedwell. The entire company settled at Plymuth.
      Passengers: John Carver of doncaster, Yorkshire
      Mrs. Katherine Carver
      Desire Minter
      John Howland servant; of London
      Roger Wilder servant
      William Latham servant
      Jasper More servant
      _____ _____ maidservant William Breswter of Scrooby, Nottinghamshire
      Mrs. Mary Brewster
      Love Brewster
      Wrestling Brewster
      Richard More servant
      _____ More servant Edward Winslow of Droitwich, Worcestershire
      Mrs. Elizabeth Winslow
      George Soule servant; of Eckington, Worcestershire
      Elias Story servant; of London
      Ellen More servant William Bradford of Austerfield, Yorkshire
      Mrs. Dorothy Bradford Isaac Allerton of London; merchant
      Mrs. Mary Allerton
      Bartholomew Allerton
      Remember Allerton
      Mary Allerton
      John Hooke servant Samuel Fuller of Redenhall, county Norfolk
      William Button servant John Crackston
      John Crackston, Jr. Myles Standish
      Mrs. Rose Standish Christopher Martin of Great Burstead, Essex
      Mrs. Mary Martin
      Solomon Prower stepson
      John Langmore servant William Mullins of Dorking, county Surrey, merchant
      Mrs. Alice Mullins
      Joseph Mullins
      Priscilla Mullins
      Robert Carter servant William White
      Mrs. Susanna White
      Resolved White
      Peregrine White
      William Holbeck servant
      Edward Thompson servant
Stephen Hopkins of Wotton-under-edge, Gloucestershire
      Mrs. Elizabeth Hopkins
      Giles Hopkins
      Constance Hopkins
      Damaris Hopkins
      Oceanus Hopkins
      Edward Dotey servant; of London
      Edward Lister servant; of London Richard Warren of London; merchant John Billington of London
      Mrs. Ellen Billington
      John Billington, Jr.
      Francis Billington Edward Tilley of London
      Mrs. Anne Tilley
      Henry Sampson kinsman
      Humility Cooper kinswoman John Tilley of Saint AndrewsUndershaft, London
      Mrs. Elizabeth Tilley
      Elizabeth Tilley Francis Cooke
      John Cooke Thomas Rogers
      Joseph Rogers Thomas Tinker
      Mrs. Tinker
      _____ Tinker John Rigdale of London
      Mrs. Alice Rigdale James Chilton of canterbury, Kent; tailor
      Mrs. Chilton
      Mary Chilton Edward Fuller of Redenhall, county Norfolk
      Mrs. Fuller
      Samuel Fuller John Turner
      _____ Turner
      _____ Turner Francis Eaton of Bristo; carpenter
      Mrs. Sarah Eaton
      Smuel Eaton Moses Fletcher of Sandwich, Kent John Goodman Thomas Williams of Yarmouth, county Norfolk Digory Priest of London Edmund Margesson Peter Browne probably of Great Burstead, Essex Peter Browne Richard Britteridge Richard Clarke Richard Gardiner of Harwich, county Essex Thomas English Gilbert Winslow brother of Edward Winslow John Alden of Harwich, county Essex, cooper John Alderton

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T. Crocker



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