William Peirce, Master. She arrived at Plymouth about July 10 1623, and brought 60 persons for the Generall. The entire company settled at Plymouth. 140 tons
     Anthony Annable of All Saints, Cambridge, county Cambridge
      Mrs. Jane Annable
      _____ Annable
      _____ Annable Edward Bangs of Panfield, Essex: shipwright
      Mrs. Lydia Bangs
      Jonathan Bangs
      John Bangs Robert Bartlet Thomas Clark Christopher Conant of Saint Lawrence, Jewry, London; grocer Anthony Dix John Faunce probably from Purleigh, Essex Edmond Flood Godbert Godertson of Leyden; hat-maker
      Mrs. Sarah Godbertson
      Mary Priest
      Sarah Priest Timothy Hatherley of Saint Olaves, Southwark, county Surrey; feltmaker William Heard Edward Holman probably from Clapham, county Surrey Manasseh Kempton of Colchester, Essex Robert Long Experience Mitchell of Duke's Place, London Thomas Morton, Jr. probably son of Thomas Morton of the Fortune
      Mrs. Ellen Newton John Oldham
      Mrs. Oldham
      Lucretia Oldham
      Chistian Penn Joshua Pratt James Rand probably of St. George, Southwark, county Surrey Robert Ratcliff Nicholas Snow of Hoxton, county Middlesex
      Mrs. Alice Southworth of Duke's Place, London Francis Sprague
      Anna Sprague
      Mercy Sprague Thomas Tilden probably of Stepney, London
      Mrs. Tilden
      _____ Tilden Stephen Tracy
      Mrs. Tryphosa Tracy
      _____ Tracy Ralph Wallen
      Mrs. Joyce Wallen
      Mrs. Hester Cooke wife of Francis
      Mrs. Elizabeth Flavell wife of Thomas
      Mrs. Bridget Fuller wife of Samuel
      Mrs. _____ Hilton wife of William
      William Hilton, Jr.
      Mary Hilton
      Mrs. Margaret Hicks wife of Robert
      Mrs. Frances Palmer wife of William
      Mrs. Elizabeth Warren wife of Richard of the Mayflower
      Mary Warren
      Elizabeth Warren
      Anne Warren
      Sarah Warren
      Abigail Warren
      Mary Becket
      Patience Brewster
      Fear Brewster
      Mrs. Barbara Standish wife of Myles
      Thomas Southworth son of Mrs. Alice Southworth
      William Palmer, Jr. son of William of the Fortune