sailed on "Planter", London, England


     22 March 1634. Theis vnder written names are to be imbarqued in ye "PLANTER" NIC Trarice Mr bound for New England p'r Certificat from Stepney parish and Attestacon from Sr Tho: Jay, Mr Simon Muskett Justices of Peace. The men have taken the oathe of Supremacie and Allegence.
     Nicholas Davies 40
     Sara Davies 48
     Joseph Davies 13
     Wm Locke 6
     Jo: Maddox 43 a Sawyer
     James Lannin 26 a Glover

     Rovert Stevens 22 a Sawyer
     John More 24
     James Haieward 22
     Judith Phippin 16

     2 April, 1635 Theis vnder written names are to be transported to New England imbarqued in the PLANTER Nic: Trarice Mr. bound thither the p'ties have brought Certificate from the Minister of St. Albons in Hertfordshire, and Attestacon from the Justices of peace according to the Lords Order.

     Jo: Tuttell 39 a Mercer
     Joan Tuttell 42
     John Lawrence 17
     Wm Lawrence 12
     Marie Lawrence 9
     Abigail Tuttle 6
     Symon Tuttle 4
     Sara Tuttle 2
     Jo: Tuttle 1
     Joan Antrobuss 65
     Marie Wrast 24
     Tho: Greene 15
     Nathan Haford 16
      [servant to Jo Tuttle]
     Wm Beardsley 30 a Mason
     Marie Beadsley 26
     Marie Beadsley 4
     John Beadsley 2
     Joseph Beadsley 6mos.
     Allen Perley 27 Husbandman
     Mary Chittwood 24
     Tho: Olney 35 Shoemaker
     Marie Olney 30
     Tho Olney 3
     Etenetus Olney
     Geo: Giddins 25 Husbandman
     Jane Giddins 20
     Tho: Savage 27 Taylor
     Richard Harvie 22 Taylor
     Ffrances Peabody 21 Husbandman
     Wm Wilcockson 34 Lynen wever
     Margaret Wilcocson 24
     Jo Wilcockson 2
     Ann Haarvie 22
     Willm Ffelloe 24 Shoemaker
     Ffrancis Baker 24 Taylor

[servants to Geo: Giddins]
     Tho: Carter 25
     Michell Willmson 30
     Elizabeth Morrison 12

     Theis p'ties heerevnder mencioned are to be transported to New England: imbarqued in the PLANTER Nic Trarice Mr bound thether: they have brought Certificates from the Justices of Peace and Ministers of ye parish that they are conformable to the orders of ye Church of England are are no Subsedy men: they haue taken the oath of Supremacie and Allegeance Die et Anpred.
     Martin Saunders 40 a Currier
     Rachel Saunders 40 uxor
     Lea Saunders 10
     Judith Sunders 8
     Martin Saunders 4
     Ffrancis Newcom 30 Husbandman
     Rachell Newcom 20
     Rachell Newcom 2˝
     Jo Newcom 9mos.
     Ant Stannion 24 a Glover
     Daniell Hanbury 29
     Ffrancis Dexter 13
     Willm Dawes 15
     Marie Saunders 15
     Marie Ffuller 17
     Richard Smith 14
     Richard Ridley 16

Research note: Family members of interest:

Jo: Tuttell 39 a Mercer
Joan Tuttell 42
John Lawrence 17
Wm Lawrence 12
Marie Lawrence 9
Abigail Tuttle 6
Symon Tuttle 4
Sara Tuttle 2
Jo: Tuttle 1
Joan Antrobuss 65

Repositories: NEHGR vol IV pg. 303-305



  1. NEHGR vol. 14 pgs 303-305